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Board of Directors

  • Paul Baehr - President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Previously Executive Vice-President, Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceutical Division, New York, NY; Senior Vice President, CIBA-GEIGY Pharmaceuticals, Summit, NJ.

  • Robert J. DeLuccia - Executive Chairmain, Dipexium Pharmaceuticals, New York, NY; Former Executive Chairman, Macrochem Corporation, Lexington, MA; Previously Chief Executive Officer, Immunomedics, Morris Plains, NJ; President, Sanofi Winthrop (now Sanofi), New York, NY.

  • Thomas O. Hecht PhD - President, Haemosan Inc. Previously Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Continental Pharma Cryosan Inc.

  • Danilo Netto - CMA - Chief Financial Officer, Avior Integrated Products Inc.; Previously Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer, IBEX Technologies Inc.

  • Bernard R. Patriacca, CPA, MBA independent financial consultant. Previously , Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of MacroChem Corporation.