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Glycobiology Enzymes from Recombinant Flavobacterium heparinum - Research Grade

IBEX prides itself on its high purity enzyme products that do not contain preservative agents or stabilizers such as Albumins.

All of our enzymes are sold in liquid form and formulated in 5% sucrose. They are shipped packaged on dry ice and each shipment is accompanied by a certificate of analysis, which provides information on enzymatic activity, protein concentration, purity based on RP-HPLC analysis.

Please note that when comparing pricing to Sigma, that IBEX and Sigma use different definitions of what is a "unit".

IBEX sells its enzymes in international units (IU) - one international unit is defined as “the amount of enzyme that will liberate 1.0 µmole per minute of unsaturated oligosaccharides from substrates at 30ºC”.

Sigma has its own definition of a "unit", which is a fraction of an International Unit (IU) and can be several hundred times less than an IBEX unit.


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Safety Data Sheets

Heparinase I 50-010-001
$200 / 0.1 IU
$500 / 0.5 IU
10µL vial
50 µL vial
GHS pictogram
Heparinase II 50-011-001
$400 / 0.1 IU
$900 / 0.5 IU
10 µL vial
50 µL vial
GHS pictogram
Heparinase III 50-012-001
$400 / 0.1 IU
$1,100 / 0.5 IU
10 µL vial
50 µL vial
GHS pictogram
Chondroitinase AC 50-013 $200 / 0.5 IU 50 µL GHS pictogram
Chondroitinase B 50-018 $500 / 5 µg 50µL GHS pictogram




















Special pricing and formulation arrangements are possible for customers with large volumes for commercial use. If you are interested in discussing commercial program pricing, please contact or call IBEX directly and ask for Customer Service (514) 344-4004 ext. 115.

Recombinant Heparinase I, II and III are sold by IBEX Pharmaceuticals under license from other entities, and are for diagnostic or research use only. Use outside these fields is expressely not permitted without the prior written consent of IBEX Pharmaceuticals and the licensors.