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IB-C2C-HUSA™ Cartilage Degradation Sandwich Assay
(C2C Human Urine Sandwich Assay)

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Click Here - August 2016 - Journal of Rheumatology

"Ability of a Urine Assay of Type II Collagen Cleavage by Collagenases to Detect Early Onset and Progression of Cartilage Degradation" A. Robin Poole, Nhuan Ha, Suzanne Bourdon, Eric C. Sayre, Ali Guermazi and Jolanda Cibere

Click here - May 2014 literature review of IBEX collagen biomarker assays and their applications,

Click here - OARSI, April 2014 poster

"Cartilage collagen neoepitope C2C and clinical parameters in middle-aged patients with knee problems. Correlations of urinary output of C2C with cartilage lesions, KOOS values and functional abilities of lower limb."

Clinical Applications:

This urine assay measures collagen TYPE II degradation, which may allow researchers to monitor the progression of collagen II-degradation related arthritis such as Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). C2C-HUSA


Enzymes known as Matrix Mettalloproteinases or MMPs (1,8,13) cleave Type l and ll collagen (bone and cartilage, respectively) to form degradation fragments.

Degradation fragments  containing the C-terminal NEOEPITOPE at the 3/4 length type II collagen (called C2C neoepitope or in short, C2C) can be detected by IBEX immunoassays, C1–2C and C2C.  C2C in human urine samples may be determined using IB-C2C-HUSATM